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Updated: Jan 29, 2019

[Package] Transcript-

A local historic museum designed an exhibit eight years ago that is still impacting lives today.

The Oaklands Mansion hosts the Wedding Dresses Through the Decades each year as a way to promote community involvement through the winter months. Anybody in the community can donate their dress for display during the six week exhibit.

“I’ve been keeping it rolled up in a box all these years, and just in the closet. And my daughter and I came here last year and we seen (sic) them, and I seen (sic) the paper saying that you could put yours on display so I did.” - Nancy Kreuger

The exhibit goes up every year in January and stays open through the first part of March. If you are interested in loaning a dress, the museum always welcomes dresses for next years exhibit.

-Morgan Brantley, MTN Reporter


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