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Whittington Sisters

By: Bailee Stump

MTN Sports Reporter

Twins have a unique bond from birth, and there is no exception. Middle Tennessee State University seniors, Alexis and Amanda Whittington, take this to another level with their love for basketball.

The love for the game started in elementary school after playing a game of basketball Amanda and Alexis started routinely playing basketball in the fourth grade after proposing the idea to their father, who played in high school.

“We were always active as kids” explained Alexis. “We would play with the boys on the playground and stuff like that. So, we tried out basketball and ended up really liking it, and so we just carried on.”

From there, the Whittington sisters played for school teams, including the Lady Warriors at Riverdale Highschool under Coach Randy Coffman.

During their time at Riverdale, Alexis and Amanda were four-year letter winners, pushed the Lady Warriors to three consecutive class AAA high school state championships. Alexis was also McDonalds All-American nominee.

The sister’s drive for success and friendly ongoing competitions with each other is and always has been apparent when they are on the court.

Coach Coffman was and still is a huge supporter of the sisters. He shared that their close bond and constant competitions are defiantly a major factor is their success, as well as their strong work ethic.

“They were extremely competitive on and off of the court. Whether it be about who could score the most or who’s GPA was the highest, they always pushed each other” said Coach Coffman. “While they are playing, you can just see the fierce emotion on their faces. They have a shared passion for basketball, and you can see it when they play.”

The Whittington sister’s competitive nature with each other has even led to a pregame ritual that the two look forward to.

“Even before games, when we warm up, we play a game of Horse before every game” said Amanda. “That’s how completive [we] are. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing; We cannot start playing until we play a game of horse.”

Amanda and Alexis do not only spend multiple hours every day together in practice, but almost every hour of everyday together.

“We live in an apartment with another teammate. We have two cars, but we always end up going everywhere together” said Amanda. “In any given week there probably a couple hours where she's in class or I’m in class that we’re not together, but the rest of the time were together.”

The two are inseparable and their drive for success between each other has always been apparent in everything they do.

Middle Tennessee State University Head Coach Rick Insell also believes that the duo is destined for greatness because of their work ethic.

“You can’t come up with enough positive accolades to what they do and what they’ve done since they've been here in four years. I don’t know of any negative that I can say since they have walked in here and signed the papers” said Coach Insell. “Everything They’ve done off the court, they're straight A students. Anything that you’ve asked them to go to, read to the kids or go to any kind of function that takes their time, they’re there. They're the first ones there. They’re the first ones to practice, and they’re team players. They are all about what is good for this program.”

Now that their Senior year is coming to an end, Amanda and Alexis are preparing to take hold of what lies ahead for each of them.

Amanda Whittington wants to use her Forensic Psychology degree to secure a respectable job. Aleix hopes to stay and play for the Lady Raiders for one more year and then either play over-seas or work to become a basketball coach. With support from coaches, family, friends and each other, there is no doubt that the two will succeed.

“I think the sky’s the limit. I think they’re both going to be very, very successful” said Coach Insell “I think Amanda wants to do something in psychology, and I’ll probably be her first customer. And Alexis wants to be a basketball coach and who knows, she could be the next Pat Summit.”

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