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Who Showed Up and Showed Out for the Show | Oscars Performances 2022

By: Tatiyana Muhamamd

MTN Lifestyle and Entertainment Reporter

The Oscars are known for their lively performances by celebrities performing their hits from Hollywood's favorite films. Although films and celebrities hold a special space in the hearts of many the internet will strike if anyone makes one bad turn. The Oscars tweets of the year featured a widespread of thoughts and ideas about influential celebrities and their performances depiction whether they just showed up or if they showed out. Who do you think showed up and showed up for the 94th Academy Awards performances of 2022?

“Encanto” or “No Tan Encanto”:

Some Encanto fans were having a tough time enjoying the remix of the “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” by the Encanto Cast featuring Becky G, Luis Fonsi and America’s favorite “Hot Girl” Megan thee Stallion. Some Fans were furious that the song was not sung by the original cast and included a rap giving it ‘a pinch of Hollywood’ to be tasteful for the Oscars.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” was not nominated for Best Original Song. However, Encanto did take home the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Fan Retweets:

Snippet of Encanto Performance:

21st First Century Girl

Billie Eilish fans were in awe Sunday night as she belted the haunting theme song “No Time to Die“from the Bond movie of the same title. Billie Eilish performed the title track with her brother musician Finneas. The duo told home the Oscar for Best Original Song.

Fan Retweets:

Snippet of “No Time To Die” Performance:

Beyonce and Her Beehive:

Beyonce's Beehive went crazy on Twitter as fans watched her Oscar performance. She wore bright neon green and performed with her background entourage of dancers, singers, and musicians performing “Be Alive'', her Oscar-nominated tune from “King Richard.” The singer set the tone with her angelic voice, and she also gave her daughter Blue Ivy a chance to shine with her on stage towards the end of the performance. Blue Ivy danced her way onto the stage during the closing. Social media went crazy, and her fans showed her much love on the internet. In only a few hours the Beehive showed Beyonce millions of retweets.

She is currently the most popular 2022 Oscars performance. Many fans say that after her performance they quit watching the show because she was the only act that they were anticipating, while others continued watching the show but continued to only Tweet about her performance and how it shook the Beehive community.

Fan Retweets:

Snippet of Beyonce's Performance:


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