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Digital Media Skills


Due to a typo in the syllabus for the due date for final projects in one of my class sections I'm changing the due date.  For all sections of Digital Media Skills, the new due date is April 29th.  Delivery time is still set for the beginning of class.  

New due date for final website and tv news story:

Wednesday April 29th.

Students are required to watch the lecture below on how to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro and write a written report with at least eight (8) lessons learned from the lecture.  Your report must be at least eight sentences in length.  Email the report to  

Your report will be graded as Project 2.   

Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro - Lecture

Wix Final Website Requirements

Required Projects

Project 1. Photo Essay/Infographic-

I will be grading your Project 1 soon.  If you did not send me the link to your site, I must have it. 

Project 2. Audio Story- (Canceled, your written report will go towards this grade)

Project 3. Video News Story-

Since we are all required to remain indoors (our apartments/homes) I can't require anyone to go out to report.  Instead I am requiring each of you to shoot a full PKG indoors.  You can interview family members. The story topic I want everyone to do is: "How the Coronavirus and the recommended quarantine has affected you and your family.  

Some of you checked out cameras prior to spring break.  You may use that equipment.  For those of you who do not have cameras, use your cell phone.  You will need to connect your cell phones to your computers to off-load the video.  Or you can drop-box or WeTransfer the files to yourself.  ( 

PKG requirements are still the same as what's written on the syllabus.  Must have two people interviewed.  

Completed PKGS need to be uploaded to your YouTube channel and embedded on your websites on your multimedia page.   The script should be written out and pasted under your video.  

Final Website- 

Follow the syllabus closely to make sure you have all the required elements on your final site.  You are required to have your site completed by the last day of class.  You should all have a very good understanding of how to add media to your site.  We spent a great deal of time in lab going over just that.  

I must have a link to your website in order to grade projects. 


Each of you now has access to Adobe Premiere Pro.  Mike Forbes (Engineer notified us this week that Adobe has granted the licenses.  You will need to download it to your home computer.  Or you can download the temporary 30 day trial.  

If you do not have a home computer, please contact me to let me know.  The university has made arrangements to get you one. 

I appreciate each of your contributions and realize this is a difficult time.  Please make safety and the health of you and your family a priority.  Again, I am not requiring any of you to step outside your homes.  I'm giving you my personal cell number in case you need to text or call.  


Dan Eschenfelder


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