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MTN Sports produces a thirty minute sports show called, Blue Raider Extra Point.  It's all about BLUE...the Blue Raiders that is.  Students contribute to the show by covering all local games and matches, and on occasion traveling to other Conference USA schools.  Students can shoot, write, edit, report, produce, and anchor the show.  Catch Blue Raider Extra Point, every Saturday morning at 10:30AM just before kickoff streaming on our website. 

Blue Raider Extra Point

Episodes have a scheduled air time of 10:30AM Saturday mornings.  The newest episode may not be available until that time.

Most recent episode

Will Stephenson

Will Stephenson is the Sports Director for MTN Sports and also a co-host on Blue Raider Extra Point.  

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Abigail Martin

Abigail Martin is co-host on Blue Raider Extra Point.  

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Chase Owens

Chase Owens is co-host on Blue Raider Extra Point.  

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Location Shoot

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Blue Raider Extra Point is shot on location at Party Fowl in downtown Murfreesboro.  This is a large production shoot requiring many helping hands. The team of students get field experience as Directors, Technical Directors, Field Producers, Videographers, Gaffers, Grips, and Production Assistants. The student field crew gets the unique opportunity to use state of the art technology. Every production is recorded using the School of Journalism and Strategic Media's Fly-Pack. (Mobile Production Switcher)  On occasion we'll even break out the robotic cameras fully operated by remote control.  

Party Fowl, restaurant is our gracious host.  We are not compensated in any manner by this establishment.  They simply allow us the opportunity to shoot there among sports fans and the smell of great Nashville hot chicken.

Blue Raider Extra Point welcome's all students interested in joining the team. Contact a Middle Tennessee News manager if you wish to participate either as a volunteer or even earn Practicum hours.  

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