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Rockvale football drives on during pandemic

By Zachary Reaves

MTN Sports Reporter

April 5, 2020

Coming off a winless 2019 season, Rockvale head coach Rick Rice and his team are hoping to have better success in the 2020 season. With the TSSAA suspending all spring activities and sports, Rockvale may be on the verge of missing out on their second straight spring practice.

“We did not need this to happen at this time because we did not get to have a spring practice last year,” Rice said. “We did not get to see our players until June 2nd (last year). We were behind the ball then and now this puts us playing catch up somewhat again.”

Rice and the Rockvale coaching staff have sent out two different workouts for the players to do while they are away from the team. Rice believes it comes down to two words, “self-discipline”.

“You will find out as a coach what players are really committed to what you are trying to accomplish,” Rice said. “There are so many distractions for players in this day, and the players who really love the game and their school will be the ones that will perform maximum efforts on Friday nights.”

Rice believes the pandemic will have great impact on the quality of football that will be seen in the fall, as well as, coach and player relationships.

“From an execution standpoint it’s going to really affect what you are trying to achieve,” Rice said. “Being together as a team and teaching players leadership skills is really valuable. I have to be around or with my players to have a positive influence on them.”


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