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Sam Ridley Parkway Receives Permanent Pavement Markings

By: Ajani Brown

MTN Reporter

January 31, 2022

The Smyrna Police Department announced that Sam Ridley Parkway is receiving permanent pavement markings this week. The road has been worked on for four years and faced multiple delays.

As part of these recent repaving projects in Smyrna, the permanent pavement markings are being implemented by contractors if weather allows it. These markings were also supposed to be worked on in December. With Sam Ridley Parkway being worked on, some nearby roads are expected to be closed for a time. The time frame in which the select roads are expected to be closed is from 9AM-3PM. These roads are the west & east bound lanes from Old Nashville Highway to I-24. This will happen intermittently with one lane staying open at all times.

Citizens are advised to be patient and aware of their surroundings when moving through this area. You can call a 24 Hour Non-Emergency Line at (615) 459-6644.


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