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A New Traffic Referendum is underway in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated: Apr 9

MTN Reporter: Serena Vasudeva

Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell announced plans to add a traffic referendum to the November ballot last month.  


The plan, called “Choose how you Move” would allocate taxes to transportation and infrastructure projects. It is currently unknown how much money would be allocated.  


In the coming weeks, two committees focused on technical and community aspects will be meeting to form the plan. Once the plan is formed, it will be sent to the Metro Council and a public accounting firm for approval. The final step is voter approval. 


“This program will give us the best chance to put more sidewalks into more communities beyond anything else we’ll do,” O’Connell said.  


O’Connell’s vision also includes an around the clock public transport system with transit centers in community areas.  


Nashville’s previous transit referendum, “Let’s Move Nashville,” was created in 2018 under Mayor Megan Barry. The plan included light rail that ran from Nashville to Gallatin, Murfreesboro and Nolensville. It was rejected with a 64-36 vote. O’Connell differentiated his plan from the previous by saying it relied less on rail-based transportation. He also pointed to data from Imagine Nashville that suggests demand for public transport has gone up.  


“We’re a big city and it’s time to start acting like it,” he said.  


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