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Agricultural Trade Conference

By: DeAngelo Conley

MTN Reporter

February 2, 2022

The last day of pre-registration for the mid-south agricultural trade conference is February 20th.

The conference will consist of local farmers and agricultural leaders alike to learn more international trade in local agriculture production.

It will be hosted by the Center for Profitable Agriculture.

During the event, many speakers will give presentations virtually and in person.

One speaker will be Jon Holztrager, the Director of Supply Chain Partnerships.

Another major speaker includes Scott Gerlt. Gerlt is an Economist at the American Soybean Associations.

The conference will also provide farmers with the tools and resources available for international trade. The event will be held at the Agricenter International located in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Agricenter International President and CEO, John Butler explained that the international trade market provides more opportunities for local products and those products are essential for the success of the agriculture business community.

Tennessee has over 65 thousand different farms producing various crops and livestock. Altogether, these farms bring over 3 billion dollars in revenue according to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. The crop that provides the most profit is soybeans.

It is a free event to learn more about the agriculture business internationally. Registration can be found here,


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