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App for homeless students

By: Dantrice Rodgers

MTN Reporter

January 31st, 2022

POSSIP app provides valuable communication for families of homeless students.

Rutherford County schools say a new communication tool will allow families to communicate more easily, and Atlas to provide services to those in need.

For families who are homeless or in transitional housing, communication can be challenging. But thanks to a new app being deployed by Rutherford County Schools, help is on the way, says Grayson Lee.

A big benefit of POSSIP? Not having to send kids home with letters or information for parents — just letting kids focus on being kids.

For Johnson, and the ATLAS team, POSSIP will give data and information on what families across RCS need — overcoming the barriers of language and communication.

With 100 different languages in use across RCS, Johnson explained that getting through to parents is often the hardest part.

So, if you or someone you know is a family or student who needs help, please contact your school, and ask for the ATLAS contact.

You may also contact ATLAS liaison Jessica Johnson by email at


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