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Battle of Nashville Game Recap

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

By: Dylan Simmons

MTN Sports Reporter

Feb. 27th, 2022

NASHVILLE. Tenn.- MTSU took on Vanderbilt in the historic Battle of Nashville at Nissan Stadium Sunday night. This contest was played under special circumstances with three 15-minute periods and the unprecedented scenery of the NHL Stadium Series. The game started out with the Commodores putting the pedal to the medal by taking the initiative offensively. MT took a more cautious stance as they tried to avoid making big mistakes. (Photo Credits: TJ Myers with

Vanderbilt got the better of this early back-and-forth as they scored two quick goals in the opening minutes of the first period. MTSU responded with a goal of their own, but Vanderbilt got the final word on the opening period by taking a 3-1 lead late into proceedings. The story of the first period would largely permeate throughout the second period as both teams traded goals to make it 4-2, but again Vanderbilt took the initiative with a mid-period goal that they would use to sustain a 5-2 lead toward the end of the period. In the third period, Vanderbilt's quick-striking offense reared its head by ferociously scoring late in the period despite an early MT rally.

The final score was 8-5 in favor of the Commodores. Largely what decided this game was the effectiveness of the winning team at the net. They utilized their chances and were efficient with their accuracy. Premier passing was their calling card on this night. MT emphasized close shots at the net, and it showed in their play style. The nets featured a large amount of blue nearby, and it led to very powerful strikes of the stick by many players.

The Rowdy Raiders were able to fight to 5 goals despite the loss. Even with the card they had been dealt, MT was not shaken by the defeat. Players were quick to relish the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and use it to focus on the looming CHS Playoffs, the first in team history. Time will tell how critical this game was for MTSU as they now move ahead in the final sprint to the finish line for their season.


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