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Battle of the Boro

By MTN Sports Reporter: Myles Valrie

`The Riverdale Warriors beat the Oakland Patriots for the Regional title in the Battle of the Boro.

The Patriots’ run game set the tone as Patriots Running Back as Dane Morris had three total rushing touchdowns.

Defense was a key asset for both teams as the Patriots had two sacks with one takeaway, with the Warriors matching the Patriots with two sacks and a turnover of their own.

When the Warriors held up the 4th Quarter with their hands, it brought another level of momentum for this team.

Warriors Running Back DJ Taylor was able to punch it in the end zone to tie the game, and the crowd went wild.

To take the lead, Warriors wide receiver Braylen Vanderbilt hauled in a two-point conversion pass that was tipped in the air.

On the last play, Warriors defensive end J.C. Haynes sacked the Patriots quarterback and forced a fumble recovered by linebacker Joseph Guzman to give them the win, 25-24


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