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Blue Raider Basketball Grabs Win Hosting Missouri State

By MTN Sports Reporter: Ian Wolde

MTSU Basketball grabbed an overtime win against a tough Missouri State team that was 6-2 on the year coming into the Murphy Center.

MTSU started off a tad slow with their shots but eventually got hot through different spells in the game eventually making a high season high in three-pointers, to come away with a win that MTSU was hoping to get. MTSU Coach Nick McDevitt said, “It just takes a couple of guys to kind of get the lid off the basket.” Going on to say. “I just thought we looked and played with pace and confidence. On the offensive side of the ball you want to generate the right looks for the right guys.”

MTSU also knocked down 11 second-chance points and recorded 12 offensive rebounds. MTSU Forward Jared Coleman-Jones, recording four offensive rebounds and nine overall, said sharing the ball and creating open shots helped the team know where shots would end up to help their rebounding. “We got really predictable shots. It was easy to go find where the ball was going.”

The Blue Raiders will want to build off this win and are looking forward to hosting the Belmont Bruins at the Murphy Center, Saturday, December 9th at 7:30. The game will be broadcast on CBS Sports Network.


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