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Blue Raider Soccer Loses at Louisiana Tech

By MTN Reporter: Ian Wolfe

MTSU Soccer takes another loss at Louisiana Tech with just a couple of games left in conference play and the regular season.

The Blue Raiders conceded just two minutes into the game and struggled to get things going throughout the game. “I do think today definitely wasn’t our best performance given how we’d be playing the last few games.” Aston Rhoden said. “I think we never got into a rhythm and certainly the first goal coming as early as it did obviously had us chasing the game and having to change our gameplan a little bit.”

With MTSU conceding early in both halves to go down 2-0, it made the game a little bit more difficult to get back into. Aston Rhoden has taken some positives out of the game in saying, “I thought we had some good moments, they just weren’t long enough and they weren’t consistent enough and that was the difference in the game.”

The Blue Raiders have just two games left in conference and the regular season. They will need a win to even get a slight look at the Conference-USA tournament. MTSU will take on Jacksonville State on Sunday October 22nd at Jax State Soccer Field at 1 p.m. CT. The match will be broadcast on ESPN+.

Photo Credits: Austin Pert


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