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Created Equal TN Legacy Film Series Events for Black History Month

By: Kahlin Quick

MTN Reporter

February 2, 2022

In celebration of Black History and to promote a sense of unity in the community, the MTSU Intercultural and Diversity Affairs Center, the Washington Family Foundation, and Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department have partnered to host the first annual Created Equal: TN Legacy Series.

A film screening and discussion, meant to educate and start a conversation within the community on how to abridge our differences, will be held for the community.

February 12th and 26th from 12-3pm the Washington Theatre in the Patterson Park Community Center will be holding both film events that are free and open to the public. The first screening on the 12th features the film Green Book.

Set in the 1960s it is a story depicting the forming of a friendship between an Italian American driver serving as a chauffeur to an acclaimed Black pianist who travels through the South for his concert tour. Leroy Cunningham, the events managing director, will be leading the question-and-answer period after the film’s conclusion.

The second film taking place on the 26th is a showing of the documentary Freedom Riders, which portrays the efforts to desegregate public accommodations in the South in the 1960s.

After the film's viewing Carolyn Lester will be leading the film discussion as the moderator.

Organizers and city officials strongly urge citizens to participate in the events. They see this as an opportunity for an open discussion over cultural issues within our community.

Vonchelle Stembridge, Facility Coordinator of Bradley Academy Museum and Cultural Center described his hopes for the events saying, “Our vision is to unify, educate and cultivate a community to discuss and analyze films with a diverse range of people spanning different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and races.”


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