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How to Make Registering For Classes Less Stressful

MTN Reporter: Kristi Jones

Registration can be overwhelming and scary. There are thousands of options and dozens of classes you need to take. What if you don’t get into a class you want? What if there’s only an 8:00 am class? What if you don’t know when you register? All of those problems can be whisked away with just a few simple steps to make getting ready for the upcoming semester easy!


Do not wait until the day of to start figuring out your schedule. Classes usually come out around the fall and spring break for the next semester so start early! If you start too late, you may not get the schedule that you want or other people may not have time to help you plan.


A priority should be meeting with your advisor! If you are a freshman, a hold will be put on your account until you meet with them to discuss your upcoming course load. They can help you figure out what classes are best to take together and when you should take them. Your advisor is your friend; don’t forget about them. You can schedule an appointment here.


Along with starting early; make sure you know all of the classes you need to take to graduate and what you want to take in the upcoming semester! Scheduling a meeting with your advisor will help! If you know you are a night owl, it might be best to not schedule 8:00 am courses every day. Know what you like and what you have to do to get the degree! If you have a hard time planning schedules, take advantage of Pipline’s schedule planner here.


Oh no! You didn’t get the class schedule you hoped for. Make sure to have a few classes set up so if a class falls through or you get waitlisted you aren’t in a panic of possibly not being full-time or losing any more time to get into a new class! Make sure your advisor also knows what backup class you want and they can be able to assist if you’re not sure.


The time is finally here! Get up a few minutes before your assigned registration time to ensure you get logged onto Pipeline and ready to plug in your CRN numbers. Make sure you are somewhere with a stable WiFi connection. Have your advisor email ready if you get an unexpected registration error to fix it as soon as possible! Add your courses to your schedule here.


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