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Illinois Man Charged in a Crash that Killed a Murfreesboro Woman

MTNews Reporter: Lauren Davis

MURFREESBORO, TN- A woman died tragically in a car crash on Saturday, February, 25th. Murfreesboro Police Department received a call at around 1:36 that morning about an assault in a moving vehicle.

The caller, who was a passenger in the vehicle, informed dispatch that she had been assaulted. The driver, Joshua Williams, 39, of Freeport, Illinois, refused to stop the vehicle.

Joshua Williams, 39 of Freeport, Illinois
Joshua Williams, 39 of Freeport, Illinois

An officer was able to spot the vehicle on South Rutherford Boulevard. The officer was unable to catch-up to the speeding vehicle and noticed, while following the vehicle, that it had driven off the road behind a house near a dead end on Woodbury Pike.

The Murfreesboro officer exited his vehicle and began to walk towards the rear of the home near the car. As soon as the officer got close, the car sped back onto the roadway and began heading inbound on Woodbury Pike.

The officer reentered his patrol car to attempt to catch up to the fleeing vehicle. A short pursuit ensued. During a portion of the pursuit, the car was out of sight until the officer happened upon a wreak that involved the suspect's vehicle.

The driver, Williams, had fled on foot, but was later apprehended by the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office. However, the passenger and 9-1-1 caller, died in the accident.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is investigating the crash. Williams was booked into the

Rutherford County Adult Detention Center on charges of vehicular homicide, felony reckless

endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident knowing death resulted.


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