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MTSU Soccer Gets Huge Win Against Chicago State

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

By MTN Sports Reporter: Ian Wolfe

MTSU Women’s soccer gets a huge 8-0 win against Chicago State at home Friday night.

The win gives MTSU it’s fourth overall this season and were looking to start off a series of home games on the right foot.

“We know we have a three-game homestand and wanted to start it off on a successful note even though it wasn’t a conference game.” Coach Rhoden said. “We wanted to basically utilize this game as a means to get ready for the next home game.”

The key for the Blue Raiders was to work as a team but they put in good individual performances from players

which is a big positive for the team and builds confidence. “Any time you can get a brace or a hat trick in a game, whether it’s home or away, is a good thing.” He continued, “The thing that stood out for me was you had different people who scored goals and they were good goals.”

Forward Faith Adje was a standout player Friday night with a hat trick and preparation for the game played a huge part of it. “This week has been a really tough week on us mentally, and physically.” Adje said. “Practicing shooting and just being aggressive so I think that showed in today’s game so I’m really proud of the team.”

MTSU will look to build off this win in a conference match against Sam Houston at 1 p.m. on October 8th at Dean A. Hayes Track and Soccer Stadium. The match will also be broadcast on ESPN+.


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