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MTSU Wins Final Soccer Game of the Season On Senior Night

By MTN Sports Reporter: Ian Wolfe

MTSU Soccer wins the final game of the season on Senior Night against FIU to end the season on a bit of a high note.

Despite their place in the conference standings, they wanted to finish as strong as they could and did with two back-to-back wins to end the season. “I’m really proud of the way the team has performed these last two games.” Aston Rhoden said. “In particular this one because it meant so much more to us to follow a performance last week with a solid performance again this week.”

The Blue Raiders did not qualify for the Conference-USA tournament next week and were disappointed not to get there, although Aston Rhoden was still proud of his team. “It’s difficult to accept that we’re not playing next week, and I think this team could’ve just folded and not tried or not compete.” Aston Rhoden said. Continuing, “But yet we put all of that behind us, we still thought about where we want to go, how we want to go, the school that we represent, and they took a tremendous amount of pride in playing and that I’m just really happy and proud for.”

The Blue Raiders will be losing key seniors, Goalkeeper Hannah Suder and Center Back Caroline Manley. Suder ended her MTSU career with the fourth most saves in program history with 241, meanwhile Carolina Manley ended her time at MTSU with 7,212 minutes played, the most in program history. The Blue Raiders will look to build off these last two wins and continue it into next season.

Photo credit Maya Lewis


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