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Murfreesboro Mayor Hosts Third “Conversation on Race” Livestream

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Story by: Caroline Covard, MTN Reporter

September 14, 2020

Mayor Shane McFarland continues his “Conversation on Race” series of livestreams at 6 p.m. on Tuesday Sept. 15. The live televised briefing is accessible through Facebook and CityTV.

McFarland’s “Conversation on Race” livestreams are designed to discuss prejudices and

preconceived notions about race and policing.

McFarland has hosted two previous livestreams, one was conducted on June 30, and the second took place on July 28 with two Murfreesboro police officers. “What I have gathered from the first two conversations is about a community coming together to discuss realities, misconceptions and tensions and moving forward together,” McFarland states.

Dr. Vincent L. Windrow will join McFarland on Tuesday’s livestream. Windrow is the associate

vice provost for Student Success and was formerly director of Intercultural and Diversity Affairs at Middle Tennessee State University.

Windrow has helped the live briefings by offering honest and open dialogue about his and others experiences as black people. “It’s about learning and it’s about growing,” Windrow states.

McFarland has expressed that he plans to continue hosting conversations with Dr. Windrow and other citizens throughout the community to further discuss challenges in real time. “I think being able to sit down and have honest dialogue is something we need to have,” McFarland expresses.

To watch Tuesday’s briefing live on Facebook, go to


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