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Murfreesboro Street Department Set to Repair Roads After January Ice

By: Mary-Beth Mangrum

MTN Reporter

The Murfreesboro Street Department is working to clear city roadways of potholes and road damage caused by winter weather.

The same city street crews that braved the cold by working 12-hour shifts after major winter storms are now working tirelessly in order to restore streets to their former condition.

They are working to undo the damage caused by cold climates and the application of road salt.

In the aftermath of melting blankets of snow, plummeting temperatures freeze the water that seeps into the road and loosens the pavement. Crews plan to reverse this by using a “cold-mix” asphalt specifically suited for winter climates.

In order to repair as much road damage as possible, the Street Department is taking

citizen reports and plan to respond within two business days.

“Patching potholes and repairing our streets as quickly as possible is essential in our

efforts to keep motorists’ safe and reduce vehicle damage,” said Public Works Department

Executive Director Raymond Hills.

Hills further explains that teams trained in pothole repair are “ready to mobilize when citizens advise of dangerous potholes”.

To report a pothole, call the Street Department at (615) 893-4380 during business hours

from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

While street crews are out working, citizens are advised to obey mobile work zones.

The Murfreesboro Street Department instructs all motorists to stay alert, do not speed, and remain patient so that all roadways can be restored without further incident.

More information on the Murfreesboro Street Department and their operations can be

found at


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