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Nashville Historic Site Set to be Demolished

By MTN Reporter: Maja Lakes

Colmere Mansion in Nashville, TN is home to the iconic Monell’s Restaurant and former home to the Colmere Club Speakeasy.

Unfortunately for the community, the historic Mansion is set to be demolished when its lease is up after April 30. In its place, is a proposed 200-million-dollar community development plan.

The Metro Nashville Airport Authority (BNA) holds the leases for this property and the Genesco World Headquarters on Murfreesboro Rd, which is already undergoing demolition for the new project. 

Throughout its history, starting in the 1930s, the Colmere Mansion has welcomed numerous celebrities such as Bob Hope and Andy Griffith through its doors. 

A Facebook page has been created to garner support for the restaurant.

Officials from Monell’s page state “Let's rally to protect and preserve this beautiful historic building, steeped in the city's history.” 


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