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New Road Projects for Murfreesboro Announced on "The Insider" Podcast

Drake Williams, MTN Reporter

February 8th, 2021

New road construction plans were just revealed by Chris Griffith, Murfreesboro city engineer, in an interview with Mike Browning, host of “Insider”, the official podcast of the City of Murfreesboro.

Griffith talked about nine new roads projects that are in various stages of development, ranging from bidding for the projects to final preparations before construction begins.

The projects include a bridge on River Rock Blvd.-Beasie Road over Stones River, and eventually I-24, a sidewalk project on Mercury Blvd., a road expansion project on Brinkley Road Bridge near Blaze Drive, among others.

The “Insider” podcast can be accessed wherever you get your podcast content, or on the City of Murfreesboro’s website.


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