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Out of the Festival Wedding

By: MTN Reporter Kristi Jones

The Newlyweds pose with their guests as they would at Bonnaroo.

Just some of the damage that happened to Chevrette's home in 2020, just months before she was originally supposed to get married.

A throwback photo of the long-time festival-goers at the last Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in June of 2019.

The happy couple snapping a photo of their experience at Bonnaroo in front of the iconic arch.

The flag that usually flies above their Bonnaroo camp; it reads "CAMP 401K. The arch may have crashed but our stocks are rising!"

The happy couple poses with their dog after their ceremony.

The couple laughing through their ceremony in festival outfits as their friend marries them.

After their wedding ceremony, they went back to their stomping grounds at what was the couple's first date.


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