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Riverdale dance team back on the court after restrictions lifted

By Kayla Walker

MTN Sports Reporter

February 8, 2021

Governor Bill Lee suspended Executive Order 74 on February 1, which now allows high school sporting events to have limited attendance.

Since the Order was passed in December, cheerleaders and dance team members around the state could not perform because fans were not allowed.

“I’m honestly excited to be able to dance again," said senior Olivia Walker, who dances for Riverdale High School. "It is my senior year and it has been weird not dancing for basketball season."

The move means Walker has a busy final few months of her high school career.

“It has become more stressful and it’s been important for us to keep our schedules open, but I still love it," said Walker.

Riverdale's next game is Tuesday at Oakland. The team's next home game is Friday against Stewarts Creek.


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