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Sanders finds way back to MTSU

By Austin Wray

MTN Sports Reporter

April 27, 2020

The baseball program at Middle Tennessee State University has been a home for many players through the years, bringing in great talent all over the world. Some of those players, like junior Nathan Sanders, are transfer students from other colleges.

Sanders was originally a student at MTSU before he went to Motlow Community College to play baseball. Sanders transferred to Motlow as a freshman to join the Bucks as a walk-on. Sanders had a .315 batting average in his second year.

“I knew MT was the next step for me even before I got the chance to play here.” Sanders said. “The transition for me was really smooth and easy. I grew up 30 minutes down the road from MT and my sister is also a MT graduate so it was kind of meant to be.”

There was clearly a difference the second time around for the Blue Raiders outfielder.

“The best way to get better is to surround yourself by people that are better than you,” said Sanders. "Not only on the field he thought things were better, but in classes too. At MT, you get to see and meet new people just about everyday so that’s a pretty big difference.”


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