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Student's Struggles With Textbooks

Being a college student is expensive with tuition, housing, food, and especially textbooks.

"I be spending out of a 1,000 dollar refund check, i be spending probably good 5, 6, 700 hundred dollars, and I still gotta worry about my rent and everything else so it is a big burden."

A survey by Cengage shows that 85% of college students find purchasing textbooks and course materials financially stressful.

"The most expensive textbook I had to buy was for my animation class. I had to buy a 300 dollar book and I had to buy it and we didn't even use it so thats the worst."

43% of students reported sometimes skipping meals in order to save money for their textbooks and almost seven out of ten said they had to get a job during the year to help pay for their class materials.

"Like I work 2 jobs, 3 jobs in the summer to help pay for things during school. and while I am in school I work 2 jobs while doing all my classes and stuff."

But many students have found different ways to combat the high price of textbooks.

"Rent. Don't buy."

"Amazon. I have an Amazon Prime account through the school because I am a student.

One option students choose is using textbook brokers who not only price match... but also let you return your book at full price during the first week of school and digital course material is a possibility for the future with 81 percent of students saying that it would have a positive impact.

-Story by Eric Woolworth, MTN Reporter


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