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The Basement East Opens Their Doors During COVID-19 After a Year of Uncertainty




Exactly one year after a devastating tornado destroyed their building, and shortly after, COVID-19 forced them to close their doors indefinitely, The Basement East announced they would be holding a live music event called “Beast is Back.”

This three-day event was to commemorate all of the hardships they faced in the past year with live music and multiple DJ sets. As COVID-19 is still prevalent in Nashville, the venue included they would be operating at 74 percent capacity and every patron was required to wear a mask.

After a successful weekend that allowed patrons of Nashville to finally hear live music for the first time since March of 2020, everyone’s new worst fear came true on the following Monday. The venue posted to social media stating a staff member who worked the event on Saturday was unaware they were positive for COVID-19.

The venue stated, “We did our best to open as safely as possible but unfortunately this pandemic is not over.”

They will continue to reopen through the spring, but it does raise suspicion as to if Nashville is opening up too soon. Reporting from Middle Tennessee News, I’m Devin Lampitt.

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