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The Observatory on MTSU's Campus Opens for the 2024 Solar Eclipse

Middle Tennessee State University opened the on-campus observatory to watch the 2024 solar eclipse.

This year, the Murfreesboro area was able to see partial coverage of the eclipse. At around 2:01 p.m., maximum darkness in the area occurred and hit about 93 percent totality.

Despite not having an event like the one in 2017, MTSU was able to open the observatory for students, faculty, and visitors.

The observatory next to Wiser-Patten Science Hall was open from 12:45 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. and the department provided protective eyewear for those in attendance.

The next solar eclipse will not be visible to those residing in Murfreesboro, however, in 2033 only those in Alaska will get to see that one.

For many this event allowed students, faculty, and visitors to see the last solar eclipse until August 23, 2044.


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