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Warren County honors seniors with “Be the Light” senior drive-thru

By Bethany Porter

MTN Sports Reporter

April 9, 2020

Photo by: Calyn Damon

Warren County found a special way to recognize the class of 2020 on Wednesday night. Coaches and teachers honored the seniors and athletic teams by turning on the lights at the softball, baseball, and soccer field for a drive-thru recognition parade. They turned them on at 8:20 p.m., which is 20:20 in military time.

Students, athletes, coaches, teachers, parents and anyone else who wanted to show support drove through the softball and baseball fields and then went through the bus ramp around to the soccer field. Coaches and teachers waved at the passing cars and some of the senior athletes’ jerseys were displayed. There was a large turnout for the event.

“When I got there, I was expecting it to be backed up to the guard shack, but cars were lined up all the way down the road. It was so good to see that many people came to support us,” said senior softball player Calyn Damon.

Photo by: Calyn Damon

Like many other athletes around the world, Damon’s softball season was postponed

due to COVID-19. Most athletes look forward to their senior night for years, and this season they will not get a traditional one. The “Be the Light” drive-thru was a way for them to have a senior recognition while social distancing.

Even though the parade lifted many seniors spirits, it was still bittersweet.

“I never thought that would be my senior night, and I would rather be playing, but that was really cool. It was so sad knowing we missed our whole season and I may never play on that field again,” said Damon.

Senior basketball cheerleader Arden Cummins was also thankful for the senior recognition and was happy to see some of her coaches and teachers again.

“The parade was so special to me because it has been so hard to find positives in the unknown we’ve experienced the last few weeks, but seeing some of my teachers, coaches, and principals waving at me and cheering for myself and my classmates was heartwarming,” said Cummins.

This parade was a way to show the seniors that they are still being thought of, even though they are not able to go to school right now.

“It really showed how much they care for our class and the effort they are willing to put in to remind us that they’re still there,” said Cummins.

The massive turnout showed the seniors that they still have community support during these uncertain times.


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