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Woodbury Boil Notice


February 7, 2020

The Town of Woodbury will be placed on a boil notice starting February 6 2020 at 11 a.m. 

This comes after The Town of Woodbury Water System experienced flooding at their Water Treatment Plant due to the intense rainfall in Middle Tennessee, resulting in possible contamination to the treated water at the plant. According to the document released from the Town of Woodbury detailing the notice, none of the water has left the plant, but as a precautionary measure they are asking customers to boil water before consumption. 

They advise customers to not drink the water without boiling it first for at least three minutes. Boiled water should be used for any food preparation or drinking, including making ice and brushing teeth. 

The Town of Woodbury Water Treatment Plant has been shut down until the plant has been completely disinfected. The length of the shutdown may result in system pressure being lowered due to water storage usage. After pressure is restored, bacteriological tests will be conducted throughout the system. They anticipate resolving the problem within 48 hours from 11 A.M February 6, 2020, and will inform customers when they will no longer need to boil their water. 


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